Just lost to 9-year old English Raff at Fifa. New low!


Heatherton Park

Click on the title to see more photos. Heatherton Park is where I’ve been staying in Taunton. Beautiful little village just out of town. No house numbers! Just names. Makes an interesting job for the postman that’s for sure.

Late night drinks at the Mclauchlan’s!

Most of you know Nick, the Englishman that lived in Melbourne with us last year! Well I finally went to his house and met his family. We got home at 1am to find the party in full swing around the dinner table. Nick and his mum spoke about mustaches and bedazzles, as you do.

What’s that shi…

What’s that shirt mate? You look like a retarded 9 year old!

English guy in a bar to Jake

Straight to the Loo

Me: “Yeah I thought you guys could put it on your front door or something”

Steve: “Ah Brilliant. This is going straight to the loo!”

Me: “Yup, or the loo.. haha”

Back with the Evans’

So great to be back in Taunton and no better way to arrive than with a surprise knock on the door at the Evans’ place! Arranged with Jake, their oldest son (left in photo) and a good friend of mine to keep it a secret and it worked a treat! There were plenty of laughs and hugs and I even bought Jane to tears! Although that may be just the pressure of the silly season talking..

Nothing better than a real cider from the original land and a few glasses of Amaretto with my adopted family.

Mum stumbling a…

Mum finding the party hats in my suitcase = very funny way to start the trip